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Centro de Neumologia Pediatrica Torre Medica Auxilio Mutuo Suite 215, San Juan, Puerto Rico

For appointments call Heidi at

Tel. 787-758-2780


Ave. Ponce de Leon No. 735        
San Juan, Puerto Rico


  • The Genetic Analysis of Latino Asthmatics (GALA I and GALA II) Affiliated to University of San Francisco, CA

  • The Asthma Project for Children in Puerto Rico: An allied project against asthma between the State Department of Health,the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine, the Pharmaceutical Industry and the community.

  • Asthma prevalence in Puerto Rican children. 

  • Infant pulmonary function (partial / full) using rapid thoraco-abdominal compression. - In progress.

  • Comparison between Salmeterol and Montelukast in the prevention of exercise-induced bronchospasm.

  • The correlation between anaerobic power and the achievment of VO2 plateu in children - accepted for publication at the International Journal of Execise Medicine. 

  • Risk factors for children with asthma in Puerto Rico - Grant submitted to NIH in collaboration Columbia Presbytherian in New York.

  • Intervenional project for education at the school system in San Juan - Grant submitted to NIH in collaboration with Dr. William Rodriguez at PR VA Hospital.

  • Risk factors for hospitalization in infants with Respiratory Scinsitial Virus infection Collaborative study between 9 centers in USA and Puerto Rico - MedImmune, Inc. 

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    José R. Rodríguez-Santana, M.D., FAAP,FCCP
    Pediatric Pulmonologist and Critical Care

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